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NHS pay

Days pay rise


Pay each NHS worker
has missed out on*

*vs a 2k pay rise on April 1st
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Days since the first COVID case confirmed in the UK


People NHS staff have cared for in the hospital with COVID


People the NHS have vaccinated against COVID


It's now been 236 days since the UNISON first wrote to the Prime Minister calling for a pay rise of at least £2k for all NHS staff

Over 1 million NHS staff are still waiting

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Day in day out our NHS is kept going thanks to the hard work and dedication of its staff.

It’s time to remind politicians that as NHS pay comes in and out of the headlines we’re watching. We’re counting every day that they drag their feet, counting every pound that’s being kept out of pay checks.

Asking NHS staff to wait and wait for recognition isn’t okay. A proper pay rise is an investment in our NHS - it's essential for the health service to attract and keep the staff it needs to keep caring for us all.

Over 1 million NHS staff are still waiting

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